The kitchen area is one of the most challenging to decorate. Once you have all the needed furniture and appliances in place, the next phase is ensuring the right color theme is picked. Color plays an essential role in how everything else fits in. It creates the mood for the kitchen while also affecting how the kitchen’s size is perceived. Due to their vast size, it is important to know how to choose kitchen cabinet colors as they also take up a central position. The right kitchen cabinet colors meet both aesthetic and practical requirements. Herein are a few things to consider when selecting the right kitchen cabinet color.

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Colors

1. Your Kitchen’s Design Style

Traditional, modern or retro designs all call for the use of different colors on the kitchen cabinets. Whites and cream colors in their various shades bring that classic feel on the kitchen cabinet creating a fitting base tone for experimenting with colors elsewhere. For modern kitchens, there are more options for working with bright colors on the kitchen cabinet. Smooth greens and reds and even yellows work well with the contemporary kitchens creating a lively look contrasting with the other tones.

2. Size and Lighting of the Kitchen

Your kitchen size and lighting easily influence the mood and the vibrancy of the kitchen. Smaller rooms will, therefore, benefit significantly from light colors. These not only liven up the place but also create the illusion of a bigger space than what is there. Bright rooms which are even larger may benefit from using darker tone colors to balance everything out. Dark-colored cabinets will be needed to create a balanced base from which the bright colors will be contrasted.

3. When to Use StainingHow to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Colors

At times the wood used on the kitchen cabinets is beautiful in its natural state. If you are in this dilemma where you want the beauty of the wood, along protection that comes with painting, then staining the kitchen cabinet is a good option. Staining the wood with the color you wish to, offers the best of both worlds.

4. What About Cabinets on Sale?

If the kitchen remodeling is being done either to sell the house, then you should pick neutral colors. This is because you want to work with colors that have higher appeals. You also do not want the color of the cabinet to be an impediment when planning to sell. Neutral colors are neat and easy to match while also giving the new seller options to work with.

5. Consider the Kitchen Wall Colors

The kitchen wall serves as your first base for creating a color theme. If it is not being changed, then you should plan your kitchen cabinet based on it. This is also the point where you decide what you want to create regarding personality and mood and use the two surfaces to achieve it. You can either complement the colors of the two surfaces or contrast them.


Knowing how to choose kitchen cabinet colors makes the remodeling process more manageable. The things to consider include the wall color, the size and lighting in the room, and the design style help you have a point to start from. Ultimately, the right color will create a lively mood and also communicate your personality. When it comes to doing a kitchen remodel, Holtzman Home Improvement provides expert advice to help you create your dream kitchen.


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