Unless you built the house you’re currently living in, it’s more than likely you didn’t pick the sizes of each room. Often the case in a two story home, there is a half bathroom for guests. If you have a small half bathroom in your home, here are a few tips on how to make a small half bathroom look bigger than it actually is.

How to Make a Small Half Bathroom Look Bigger

  •  Light

– Mirror Reflections Make A Room Look Bigger

This is the one instance where being vain won’t be an issue. Because the bigger the mirror, the less cramped your bathroom will look. What’s even better than one big mirror? Two big ones. Place opposite each other so that they can endlessly reflect each other. Don’t force it though. If you only have enough wall space for just one mirror, then stick to one. .

– Let In Natural Light

If you have huge windows, you can keep them unobstructed (obviously not while you’re in need of privacy) to allow natural light stream into your bathroom. Instead of using yellow bulbs or traditional lamps, you should opt for translucent shades that mimics daylight.

  •  Colors

– Don’t Use Too Many Colors

The more colors the human eye can see in one room, the more boundaries it associates with that room. So a person will interpret too many wall paintings as a space that’s too small to hold all the colors. To prevent this natural tendency humans have, try limit to one or two colors.

– Use Light Colors To Brighten The Room

How to Make a Small Half Bathroom Look Bigger

Soft, pale colors tend to trick the mind into thinking it’s seeing more space than there actually is. So instead of using dark hues, opt for warm and neutral colors. If you must add dark colors, let it be in the bathroom cabinets.

– Have Smooth Transitions

Even though it might be hard getting the exact shades for your bathroom paint, tiles and bathroom furnishings, you want to make sure the differences aren’t obvious. The less obvious the transition is between various elements in your bathroom, the more spacious it will look.

  • Control the Theme

Deliberately selecting your bathroom decor to fit a specific theme can go a long way towards distracting any onlooker from the size of your bathroom. And the beauty of picking this type of distraction is that, you can pick whatever artistic decoration your eclectic mind can come up with.

– Have A Focal Point

One central art piece in your bathroom that just wows any visitor. You can do this if you feel a theme is a little bit too extreme. So instead of that, you can pick one large art piece. Careful with what you choose though. If the art is too chaotic, or has too many patterns, it could shrink up your bathroom space. Moderation is key here.

Bottom Line

Above are some tips when it comes to knowing how to make a small half bathroom look bigger. Natural light, neutral colors and a simple theme will help a bathroom feel more open than it really is. Interested in making some changes to your bathroom? The flooring, vanity, and fixtures by Holtzman Home Improvement can also play into the spacious look of your bathroom. 

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