Keeping your kitchen updated not only serves to accomplish artistic ambitions, but also to improve function and create durability in design. Kitchen remodeling is a chance to awaken to new life into your food prep area. The kitchen remodeling trends we see today can be attributed to technological changes and shifting social structures of the society. There is an increasing move towards open space kitchens. Clear and simplistic styles are also popular with an inclination to natural light. Below are details on the modern kitchen remodeling trends that you might want to consider.

Smart KitchensKitchen Remodeling Trends

Technology has infiltrated our food preparation rooms. Today there is a lot of technology integrated into kitchen appliances and fixtures. Smart kitchen designs use digital sensors, gadgets, and artificial intelligence for automating and improving kitchen functions. A-I enabled coffee makers have your coffee ready when you wake up, motionsense kitchen lights turn on when you step in while smart refrigerators give updates when groceries need replenishing.

White Kitchens

White has grown to be the d├ęcor color of choice for kitchen installations like cabinets and countertops. The reason for that is the fact that many more bold colors can blend in with white, helping to achieve a creative color mix. This color mixes include shades of black, emerald green, grey and blue. White kitchen decor carries full elegance, and a luxurious look.

Streamlined Designs

Homeowners have started to incorporate more streamlined designs that combine function and aesthetics into their kitchens. The move to streamlined designs is believed to turn kitchens into stress-free spaces at home. In modern kitchen renovation plans, the upper cabinets have been removed to allow more air and space in the kitchen. For designs that still maintain this feature, there is the incorporation of soft textures such as natural wood. Floor types trending for kitchens today are natural stone, and ceramics.

CountertopsKitchen Remodeling Trends

There has been a dynamic shift from granite to quartz countertops in high-end kitchen designs. While quartz is growing in popularity, granite is still a popular option. Technology, on the other hand, has dramatically helped to produce a wide range of colors for granite countertops, silencing all disbelief this material had when it first hit the market.

Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

Many consider a kitchen island essential because it is a focal point. The single level kitchen islands serve a wide range of purposes including storage and serving tables. Another notable trend is large kitchen islands. This makes the kitchen island feature a versatile installation that also de-clutters the kitchen space.

So, What are the Current Kitchen Remodeling Trends?

The new kitchen remodeling trends include smart-kitchens where technology intermarries with kitchen appliance and utilities, streamlined textures esthetics and functionalities, quartz countertops as a move from granite countertops and multipurpose kitchen islands. Whether you are doing an entire kitchen remodel, or simply looking to change the small details, our team at Holtzman Home Improvement can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

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