Are you planning to remodel your floor and create something unique in your home? With the availability of different materials, it is much easier now than ever before to customize your flooring and show off your personality. Here are a few unusual flooring ideas to try.


Unusual Flooring Ideas


  1. Cool Concrete

Concrete flooring is gaining popularity in modern houses; it can create a contemporary and clean style. Consider scoring and staining the floor so that it resembles large tiles. Concrete is especiallyUnusual Flooring Ideas ideal for kitchen flooring because it can take on a variety of sheens, patterns, shading, and colors. Also, you can even fashion it to resemble different types of stone. While concrete is an affordable choice, it often requires regular sealing.


  1. Rustic Flagstone

Coastal charm and color can be created with a casual and cool rustic flagstone floor. Choose green and watery blue hues to complement the look in your room. This type of material is very easy to clean or maintain and extremely durable. You can sweep it with a broom or wash with water and gentle laundry.


  1. Comfortable Cork

Natural cork flooring is durable, quiet, and has a cushiony underfoot. Featuring a distinctive finish, this surface can make it easier on the joints and help connect different areas in your room. While it is as expensive as hardwood, solid-cork flooring comes with an important ecological advantage: it ensures the sustainability. Cork trees can regenerate in 9 years, while other plants might take at least 30 years or even more.


  1. Mixed Classic Options

Try experimenting with different classic materials to create a fresh look in your home. For example, you can have a ceramic tile floor and combine it with oak planks to add a touch of style and interest. Durable yet unexpected, both of these materials can impress your guests and withstand any extreme conditions.


  1. Notable Brick

An antique brick floor can bring a charming texture to your home. With its distinctive surface, this can be a surprising contrast to a classically styled space and contemporary acrylic chairs around your dining table.


  1. Classic Checkerboard

For a cottage, it is a good idea to try a traditional checkerboard pattern. It can add a designer, urban-style edge to your classical space. The white and black vinyl tiles create a graphic look to an otherwise neutral room. More importantly, it is an affordable flooring option and available in a variety of colors.


  1. Bamboo

To keep with an earthy palette, a homeowner can go for the honey-toned bamboo plank floor. It can reflect light and keep your space always airy and bright. Renewable bamboo flooring comes in different plank sizes and patterns to complement different styles. Also, it can be stained in many colors to give you more options.


  1. Travertine

For a grand space, honey-color travertine floor is worth trying. It can play off the colors of your perimeter cabinets and make the entire space look greater. Since polished travertine can resist stains, it is a great option for high traffic areas.


Above are eight unusual flooring ideas for your home renovation. From bamboo to cork flooring, these ideas can definitely add a unique finish to your home.

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